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Celebration of Houston Basketball

Matt Bullard

Mario Elie

Elvin Hayes

Robert Horry

Vernon Maxwell
Calvin Murphy

Tracy Murray

Rudy Tomjanovich
Dallas Cowboys Legends

Bill Bates

Billy Joe DuPree

John Fitzgerald

Butch Johnson

Tom Rafferty

Mel Renfro

Jay Saldi

Everson Walls
Football Stars, Legends & Hall of Famers

Coach Bill O'Brien

Alfred Blue

Earl Campbell

Brandin Cooks

John David Crow
Terrell Owens

Terrance Williams
Baseball Hall of Famers

Craig Biggio

Whitey Herzog

John Smoltz

Bruce Sutter

Dave Winfield
Houston Astros
Dallas Keuchel

Jake Marisnick
Basketball Legend

Shawn Kemp
Astros play at home vs. White Sox during the show weekend.
Baseball Stars, Legends & Hall of Famers
Johnny Bench
Former Reds Star Catcher & Member of Big Red Machine; 2x World Series Champ; 14x All-Star; 10x Gold Glove; 1968 ROY; 2x NL MVP; Hall of Fame 1989
Craig Biggio
Former Astros Star 2nd Baseman, 7x All-Star, 4x Gold Glove, 5x Silver Slugger, 3,000 Hit Club, Hall of Fame 2015
Wade Boggs
Former Red Sox & Yankees Star 3rd Baseman, 12x All-Star, 2x Gold Glove, 5x AL Batting Champ, 3000 Hit Club, Hall of Fame 2005
Lou Brock
Former Chicago Cubs & St. Louis Cardinals Outfielder, 6x All-Star, 3000 Hit Club, Hall of Fame 1985
Bill Buckner
Former Dodgers, Cubs & Red Sox 1st Baseman; 1980 NL Batting Champ; 1981 All-Star; Best known for fielding error in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series
Jim Bunning
Former Tigers & Phillies Star Pitcher; 1957 AL Wins Champ; 3x Strikeout Champ; 9x All-Star; Threw No-Hitter on 7/20/58; Pitched Perfect Game on 6/21/64; Hall of Fame 1996
John Candelaria
Former Pirates All-Star Pitcher, 1979 World Series Champion
(Added to Lineup on 5/5)
Rod Carew
Former Twins & Angels Star Infielder; 18x All-Star; 1967 AL ROY; 1977 AL MVP; 7x AL Batting Champ; Hall of Fame 1991
Steve Carlton
Former Cardinals & Phillies Legend, 4x Cy Young, 4000 Strikeout Club, Gold Glove Winner, Hall of Fame 1994
Roger Clemens
Former Red Sox, Yankees & Astros Star Pitcher, 4,000K Club; 300 Win Club; 11x All-Star, 7x Cy Young, All Century Team, 2x World Series Champion
Cecil Cooper
Former Brewers Star 1st Baseman, 5x All-Star, 2x Gold Glove, 3x Silver Slugger, 2x AL RBI Champion
(Added to Lineup on 4/15)
Andre Dawson
Former Montreal Expo & Chicago Cub Outfielder; 1977 NL Rookie of the Year, 1987 NL MVP, 8x Gold Glove, Hall of Fame 2010
Dennis Eckersley
Former Indians, Red Sox & A's Star Pitcher; 6x All-Star; Threw no-hitter May 1977; 1989 World Series Champion; 2x AL Saves Champion; 1992 AL Cy Young & MVP; Hall of Fame 2004
Carlton Fisk
Former Red Sox & White Sox Star Catcher; 11x All-Star; 3x Silver Slugger; 1972 Gold Glove; 1972 AL ROY; Hall of Fame 2000
Bob Gibson
Cardinals Legendary Pitcher, 3,000K Club, 2-Time NL Cy Young, '68 NL MVP, 2x World Series MVP, 9x All-Star, Hall of Fame 1981
(Added to Lineup on 3/18)
Tom Glavine
Former Braves Star Pitcher; 1995 World Series Champion & MVP; 2x NL Cy Young; 10x All-Star; 4x Silver Slugger; Hall of Fame 2014
Ben Grieve
Former Oakland A's Outfielder, 1998 AL Rookie of the Year & All-Star
(Added to Lineup on 3/31)
Whitey Herzog
Former KC Royals & St. Louis Cardinals Manager, Hall of Fame 2010
(Added to Lineup on 3/18)
Eric Hinske
Current 1st base coach for Chicago Cubs, 2002 AL ROY, 2x World Series Champion
(Added to Lineup on 4/15)
Reggie Jackson
Former Yankees Superstar; 5x World Series Champion; 2x World Series MVP; 14x All-Star; 1973 AL MVP; Hall of Fame 1993
Fergie Jenkins
Former Cubs, Rangers Star Pitcher; 6x 20 Game Winner; 3x All-Star, '71 NL Cy Young; 3,192 Strikeouts; Hall of Fame 1991
(Added to Lineup on 3/18)
Randy Johnson
Former Superstar Pitcher; 4,000K Club; 300 Win Club; 5x Cy Young; 10x All-Star; 2001 World Series Co-MVP; Threw No-Hitter on 6/2/1990; Pitched Perfect Game on 5/18/2004; Hall of Fame 2015
Barry Larkin
Former Reds Star Shortstop, 1995 NL MVP, 12x All-Star, 3x Gold Glove, 1990 World Series Champion, Hall of Fame 2012
(Added to Lineup on 4/15)
Tony LaRussa
Former White Sox, A's & Cardinals Manager; 3x World Series Champ; 4x Manager of the Year; Hall of Fame 2014
Pedro Martinez
Former Red Sox Star Pitcher; 2004 World Series Champ; 1999 Triple Crown; 8x All-Star; 3x Cy Young; Hall of Fame 2015
Jon Matlack
Former New York Mets Star Pitcher, 3x All-Star, 1972 NL Rookie of the Year
(Added to Lineup on 5/5)
Bill Mazeroski
Former Pirates Star 2nd Baseman; 10x All-Star; 2x World Series Champ; 8x Gold Glove; Hall of Fame 2001
Joe Morgan
Former Reds Star 2nd Baseman & Member of Big Red Machine; 2x World Series Champ; 10x All-Star; 5x Gold Glove; 2x NL MVP; Hall of Fame 1990
(Added to Lineup on 3/18)
Jim Palmer
Former Baltimore Orioles Star Pitcher, 3x AL Cy Young, 6x All-Star, 4x Gold Glove, 3x World Series Champion, Hall of Fame 1990
Rafael Palmeiro
Former Chicago Cub, Texas Ranger, Baltimore Oriole, 4 Time All Star, 3 Time Gold Glove Winner, 3000 Hit and 500 Home Run Club Member
Tony Perez
Former Cincinnati Reds 1st Baseman; Member of Big Red Machine; 3x World Series Champion; 7x All-Star; Hall of Fame 2000
Tim Raines
Former Expos, White Sox & Yankees Outfielder; 1986 NL Batting Champ; 4x NL Stolen Base Champ; 7x All-Star; 3x World Series Champ
Jim Rice
Former Boston Red Sox StarOutfielder; '78 AL MVP; 8x All-Star; 2x Silver Slugger; Hall of Fame 2009
Cal Ripken Jr.
Orioles Legendary Shortstop; 3,000 Hit Club; 2x AL MVP; 19x All Star; 2x All-Star MVP; 1982 NL Rookie of the Year; Holds MLB Record for Consecutive Games Played; Hall of Fame 2007; Known as Ironman
Brooks Robinson
Orioles Legendary 3rd Baseman; 1964 AL MVP; 2x World Series Champ; 1970 World Series MVP; 18x All-Star; 16x Gold Glove; Hall of Fame 1983
Pete Rose
Former Reds Superstar & Member of Big Red Machine; 3x World Series Champ; 1975 World Series MVP; 17x All-Star; 1963 NL ROY; 2x Gold Glove; 3x NL Batting Champion
Manny Sanguillen
Former Pittsburgh Pirates Star Catcher, 3x All-Star, 2x World Series Champion
(Added to Lineup on 4/15)
Ozzie Smith
Former St. Louis Cardinals Shortstop, 15x All-Star, 13x Gold Glove, Hall of Fame 2002
John Smoltz
Former Braves Star Pitcher; 1995 World Series Champ; 1996 NL Cy Young; 2002 NL Rolaids Relief Man of the Year; 8x All-Star; Hall of Fame 2015
Bruce Sutter
Former Cubs, Cardinals, & Braves Star Closer, 6x All-Star; 1979 NL Cy Young; Hall of Fame 2006
(Added to Lineup on 3/18)
Frank Thomas
Former White Sox Star 1st Baseman; 5x All-Star; 4x Silver Slugger; 500 Home Run Club; '93 & '94 AL MVP; Hall of Fame 2014
Joe Torre
Former Atlanta Braves, St. Louis Cardinals Star 3rd Baseman, 9x All-Star, 1971 NL MVP, 1971 NL Batting & RBI Champ; Manager: 2x Manager of the Year, 4x World Series Champion, #6 Retired by Yankees, Hall of Fame 2014
(Added to Lineup on 3/31)
Dontrelle Willis
Former Marlins Star Pitcher,
2003 NL ROY, 2x All-Star,
2003 World Series Champion,
2005 NL Wins Champion
(Added to Lineup on 3/31)
Maury Wills
Former Dodgers Star Shortstop, 7x All-Star, 3x World Series Champion, 2x Gold Glove,
1962 NL MVP
(Added to Lineup on 5/5)
Mookie Wilson
Former New York Mets Outfielder; 1986 World Series Champ; Best known for hitting the ground ball between Bill Buckner's legs in the '86 WS
Dave Winfield
Former Padres & Yankees Star Outfielder; 1992 World Series Champ; 12x All-Star; 7x Gold Glove; 6x Silver Slugger; Hall of Fame 2001
Robin Yount
Former Brewers Superstar Shortstop; 2x AL MVP; 3x All-Star; 3x Silver Slugger; 3,000 Hit Club; Hall of Fame 1999
Football Legends & Hall of Famers
Fred Biletnikoff
Former Oakland Raiders All-Pro Wide Receiver; 6x Pro Bowl; Super Bowl XI Champion & MVP; Hall of Fame 1988
Curley Culp
Former Chiefs & Oilers All-Pro Defensive Tackle, 5x Pro Bowl, Super Bowl IV Champion, Hall of Fame 2013
(Added to Lineup on 5/5)
Dermontti Dawson
Former Steelers Star Center, 7x Pro Bowl, 6x All-Pro, NFL 1990s All-Decade Team, Hall of Fame 2012
(Added to Lineup on 5/5)
Dan Dierdorf
Former St. Louis Cardinal Star Offensive Lineman, 6x Pro Bowl, 1970's All Decade Team, Hall of Fame 1996
(Added to Lineup on 3/31)
Bob Griese
Dolphins Legendary Quarterback; 6x Pro Bowl; 2x Super Bowl Champion; Member of 72 17-0 Team; Hall of Fame 1990
Lou Holtz
Only College Coach to Lead 6 Different Programs to Bowl Games, Former Notre Dame Head Coach, Led Irish to National Championship in 1988
(Added to Lineup on 3/31)
Paul Hornung
Former Notre Dame & Green Bay Packers Star, 1956 Heisman Winner, 1961 NFL MVP, 4x NFL Champion, 1960's All Decade Team, Hall of Fame 1986
(Added to Lineup on 3/31)
Dexter Jackson
Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers Star Safety, Super Bowl XXXVII Champion & MVP
(Added to Lineup on 3/31)
Jim Kelly
Former Buffalo Bills Star Quarterback, 5x Pro Bowler, Only QB to Lead Team to 4 STRAIGHT Super Bowls, Hall of Fame 2002
(Added to Lineup on 3/18)
Steve Largent
Former Seahawks All-Pro Wide Receiver, 7x Pro Bowl, NFL 1980s All-Decade Team, Seahawks Ring of Honor, Hall of Fame 1995
(Added to Lineup on 5/5)
Marv Levy
Former Buffalo Bills Head Coach, 4x AFC Champion, 2x Coach of the Year, 1990s All-Decade Team, Hall of Fame 2001
(Added to Lineup on 3/18)
Bob Lilly
Former Dallas Cowboy Legendary Defensive Tackle, 11x Pro Bowler, 75th Anniversary Team, 1960's & 70's All Decade Team, Hall of Fame 1980
John Riggins
Former Jets & Redskins Pro Bowl Running Back; 1983 NFL MVP; Super Bowl XVII Champion & MVP; 2x NFL Rushing Leader; 10,000 Rushing Yard Club; Hall of Fame 1992
Willie Roaf
Former Saints & Chiefs Star Offensive Tackle, 11x Pro Bowl, 6x First-Team All-Pro, NFL 1990s & 2000s All-Decade Team, Hall of Fame 2012
(Added to Lineup on 5/5)
Gale Sayers
Former Chicago Bears Star Running Back, 5x All Pro, 75th Anniversary Team, 1960's All Decade Team, Hall of Fame 1977
Emmitt Smith
Former Cowboys Superstar Running Back, 8x Pro Bowl, 4x NFL Rushing Leader, 3x Super Bowl Champion & Super Bowl XXVIII MVP, 1990 NFL Rookie of the Year, 1993 NFL MVP, NFL 1990s All-Decade Team, NFL Record 18,355 Rushing Yards & 164 TDs, Hall of Fame 2010
(Added to Lineup on 5/5)
Lawrence Taylor
Former New York Giants Star Linebacker, 75th NFL All Time Anniversary Team, 1980's All Decade Team, Hall of Fame 1999
Thurman Thomas
Former Bills All-Pro Running Back, 5x Pro Bowl, 4x AFC Champion, 1991 NFL MVP, 1992 NFL Offensive Player of the Year, NFL 1990s All-Decade Team, 12,074 Career Rushing Yards, Hall of Fame 2007
(Added to Lineup on 5/5)
Mick Tingelhoff
Former Vikings Star Center, 6x Pro Bowl, 5x All-Pro, 1969 NFL Champion, 3x NFC Champion, Vikings Ring of Honor, Hall of Fame 2015
(Added to Lineup on 5/5)
Brian Urlacher
Former Chicago Bears Star Linebacker, 2000 Defensive ROY, 8x Pro Bowl, 2005 Defensive Player of the Year
(Added to Lineup on 3/31)
Randy White
Former Dallas Cowboy Defensive End, Member of Dooms Day II Defensive Line, 9x Pro Bowler, Co Super Bowl 12 MVP, Hall of Fame 1994
Aeneas Williams
Former Cardinals & Rams Star Cornerback / Safety, 8x Pro Bowl, 4x First-Team All-Pro, NFL 1990s All-Decade Team, Hall of Fame 2014
(Added to Lineup on 5/5)
Hockey Legends & Hall of Famers
1980 US Olympic Hockey Team
Neal Broten, Dave Christian, Steve Christoff, Jim Craig, John Harrington, Steve Janaszak, Rob McClanahan, Ken Morrow, Jack O'Callahan, Mike Ramsey, Buzz Schneider, Dave Silk, Eric Strobel, Phil Verchota, Mark Wells, Mike Eruzione, Mark Johnson & Craig Patrick
(Added to Lineup on 3/18)
Ed Belfour
Former Blackhawks Superstar Goaltender, 1995 Stanley Cup Winner, 6x All-Star Game Selection, Hall of Fame 2011
(Added to Lineup on 3/18)
Chris Chelios
Former Blackhawks & Red Wings All-Star Defenseman, 11x All-Star Game Selection, 3x Stanley Cup Winner, Hall of Fame 2013
(Added to Lineup on 3/18)
Tony Esposito
Former Blackhawks Star Goaltender, 6x All-Star Game Selection, 1969 Stanley Cup Winner, Hall of Fame 1988
(Added to Lineup on 5/5)
Bobby Hull
Legendary Chicago Blackhawk Left Wing, 12x All-Star, 1961 Stanley Cup Winner, Hall of Fame 1993
Jeremy Roenick
Former Blackhawks Center, 9x All-Star Game Selection, 513 Career Goals, Hall of Fame 2010
(Added to Lineup on 3/18)
Boxing Hall of Famer
Mike Tyson
Former Heavyweight Champion of the World, Boxing Hall of Fame 2011
Tennis Legend
Jimmy Connors
Former World #1 Tennis Player, Won 8 Grand Slam singles titles
(Added to Lineup on 4/15)
Basketball Legends & Hall of Famers
Nate Archibald
Former Kings & Celtics Star, Only Player in NBA History to Lead League in Scoring & Assists in 1 Season, 6x All-Star, 1981 NBA Champ, NBA Top 50, Hall of Fame 1991
(Added to Lineup on 3/31)
John Havlicek
Former Boston Celtics Star Forward, 13x All-Star, 8x NBA Champion, NBA’s 50 Greatest Players Team, Hall of Fame 1984
(Added to Lineup on 3/18)
Scottie Pippen
Former Bulls Star Small Forward, 7x NBA All-Star, 6x NBA Champion, NBA's 50th Anniversary All-Time Team, Hall of Fame 2010
(Added to Lineup on 4/15)
Dennis Rodman
Fomer Pistons & Bulls Star Foward; 2x NBA All-Star; 2x Defensive Player of the Year; 7x NBA Rebounding Champion; 5x NBA Champion; Hall of Fame 2011
Isiah Thomas
Former Pistons Star Point Guard, 12x NBA All-Star, 2x All-Star Game MVP, 2x NBA Champion, 1990 NBA Finals MVP, NBA's 50th Anniversary All-Time Team, Hall of Fame 2000
(Added to Lineup on 5/5)
Dominique Wilkins
Former Hawks All-NBA Small Forward, 9x NBA All-Star, 1986 NBA Scoring Champion, 2x NBA Slam Dunk Contest Champion, 3x NBA Shooting Stars Champion, Hall of Fame 2006
(Added to Lineup on 5/5)
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