Numbered to: 1 (Purple), 10 (Red), 50 (Blue), 80 (Gold) & 100 (Silver)
Card # Name Type Item
T1 Hulk Hogan Single with Autograph Shirt
T2 Jeff Hardy Single with Autograph Shirt
T3 Bobby Roode Single with Autograph Shirt
T4 Sting Single with Autograph Shirt
T5 Mickie James Single with Autograph Plaid Top
T6 Rob Van Dam Single with Autograph Shirt
T7 Hulk Hogan Dual with 2 Autographs April '12 Shirt
Eric Bischoff   Jacket
T8 Hulk Hogan Dual with 2 Autographs April '12 Shirt
Ric Flair   Pin-Striped Pants
T9 Gail Kim Dual with 2 Autographs Top
Velvet Sky   Top
T10 Eric Bischoff Dual Jacket
Garett Bischoff   Shirt
T11 Devon Dual Shirt
Bully Ray   Shirt
T12 Bobby Roode Dual Shirt
James Storm   Shirt
T13 Jeff Hardy Dual Shirt
Mr. Anderson   Shirt
T14 Kurt Angle Dual Shirt
AJ Styles   Shirt
T15 Jeff Jarrett Triple Shirt
James Storm (TNA Originals) Shirt
AJ Styles   Shirt
T16 Hulk Hogan Triple April '12 Shirt
Ric Flair   Pin-Striped Pants
Sting   Shirt
T17 Gail Kim Triple Top
Velvet Sky   Top
Mickie James   Plaid Top
T18 Hulk Hogan Triple 1st Impact Shirt '10
Hulk Hogan   Red Bandana
Hulk Hogan   April '12 Shirt

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