Numbered to: 1 (Multi-Color) & 5 (Gold)
Name Type Item
Chris Rock Actor & Comedian Appearance at TNA's Asylum in Nashville (2002)
Toby Keith Country Music Superstar 6/19/02: Suplexed Jeff Jarrett in 1st NWA-TNA PPV
Brian Urlacher 8-Time Pro Bowl Linebacker (Chicago) Participated in NWA-TNA PPV on 1/28/04
Dennis Rodman Basketball Hall of Famer 7/2/04: Appeared on TNA Impact
Ken Shamrock MMA Superstar TNA's 1st-Ever World Champion (2002)
Tito Ortiz MMA Superstar 5/15/05: Guest Referee - NWA-TNA World Title Match
Curtis Granderson Baseball Star; All-Star Outfielder Slammiversary '09: Keeper of Belt - X Division Match
AJ Pierzynski Baseball Star; All-Star Catcher TNA Turning Point 2005, Against All Odds 2007
Johnny Damon Baseball Star; All-Star Outfielder 2/11/07: Belted Dale Torborg with Chair (TNA iMPACT!)
Adam "Pac-Man" Jones Football Star; Cornerback TNA World Tag Team Champion with Ron Killings
Brandon Jacobs Football Star; Running Back 2012: Feud with Bully Ray; Ally of James Storm
Steve McMichael Football Legend; Defensive Tackle Bound for Glory 2008: Referee of Monster's Ball Match
"Rowdy" Roddy Piper Wrestling Legend TNA: 2003-2005; In the Pit with Piper
Tom Arnold Actor & Comedian TNA (10/27/04): Guest Referee
Ace Young Singing Idol & Broadway Actor TNA's Slammiversary 2008
David Eckstein All-Star Shortstop; 2006 WS MVP TNA: iMPACT! 2006, Against All Odds 2007
Juan Pablo Montoya Driver; Indianapolis 500 Winner TNA iMPACT! (2/14/08): "Rage In The Ring Match"
Brooke Hogan Hulk's Daughter; Singer & TV Personality Joined TNA IMPACT WRESTLING in May 2012

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