TNA Cross The Line Exclusive Event-Used Memorabilia Cards:
Single Event-Used Memorabilia Cards
Dual Event-Used Memorabilia Cards
Memorabilia & Autograph Combo Cards

Own A Piece of Your Favorite TNA Star!

Single Event-Used Memorabilia Cards
Card # Name Item
M-A Abyss
M-AB Sheik Abdul Bashir
M-AS A.J. Styles
M-BP The Beautiful People
M-CC Christian Cage
M-CM Curry Man
M-DC Dixie Carter
M-KA Kurt Angle
M-KN Kevin Nash
M-S Sting
M-SE Super Eric
M-TW Taylor Wilde

Dual Event-Used Memorabilia Cards
Card # Names Items
M-AS2 Kurt Angle & A.J. Styles
M-DL2 Sonjay Dutt & Jay Lethal
M-LV2 Jay Lethal & SoCal Val
M-S2 Sting

Event-Used Memorabilia & Autograph Combo Card
Card # Name Item
M-AA Abyss
M-ABA Sheik Abdul Bashir
M-ALA Angelina Love
M-ASA A.J. Styles
M-CCA Christian Cage
M-CHA Christy Hemme
M-CMA Curry Man
M-DCA Dixie Carter
M-JBA Jeremy Borash
M-KAA Kurt Angle
M-KNA Kevin Nash
M-RCA Rudy Charles
M-RSA Raisha Saeed
M-SA Sting
M-SEA Super Eric
M-SJA Samoa Joe
M-SVA SoCal Val
M-TWA Taylor Wilde
M-VSA Velvet Sky


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