Prospects Plus
Card # First Name Last Name    
PP-SS Steven Strasburg 2009 #1 Overall Draft Pick-Washington
PP-DT Donovan Tate  

2009 #3 Overall Draft Pick-San Diego

PP-JT Jacob Turner   2009 #9 Overall Draft Pick-Detroit
PP-AC Aaron Crow   2009 #12 Overall Draft Pick-Kansas City
PP-GG Grant Green   2009 #13 Overall Draft Pick-Oakland
PP-SM Shelby Miller   2009 #19 Overall Draft Pick-St. Louis
PP-KD Kentrail  Davis   2009 #39 Overall Draft Pick-Milwaukee
PP-TS Tanner Scheppers   2009 (#44) 1st Round Draft Pick-Texas
PP-RJ Reggie  Jackson   1969 #2 Overall Draft Pick-Kansas City-Highest Draft Pick Inducted into the Hall of Fame
PP-JB Johnny Bench   1965 #36 Overall Draft Pick-Cincinnati-1st Draft Pick Inducted into the Hall of Fame
PP-RM Rick Monday   1965 #1 Overall Draft Pick-1st Pick of the Inaugural ML First Year Players Draft




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